How to teach children to recognize simple vehicles at home?


Teaching children cars is one of the interesting lessons that parents can teach their children from the first years of life. Learning about vehicles and means of transport with children not only helps them gain more knowledge about the world, but also creates a time of gathering and fun for the whole family. Let’s have some interesting information about how to teach your baby about cars!

Why should you teach your child about vehicles and approach transportation toys?

Children from birth are very curious about the world around them. Watching and interacting with the movement around always creates special joy for babies. Baby is very excited when there are cars passing by with amusing beeping sirens and often laughs with delight.

How to teach children to recognize simple cars at home?

Car recognition is one of the simple games parents can play with their children. Getting acquainted early and recognizing means of transport will help your child:

  • Access to the traffic environment from an early age. Your child will learn the functions and uses of each type of vehicle, such as a fire truck used for fighting fires, a bus for transporting passengers or an ambulance used for transporting patients to the hospital.
  • Some basic traffic rules children can grasp from an early stage such as motorbikes can only carry a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child, everyone must wear a helmet when riding on a motorbike in traffic or What are the priority vehicles when performing tasks where traffic participants must give way. Later, when they are older, when participating in traffic in reality, they will easily know the types of vehicles and get used to the traffic laws faster.
  • Children will think about the similarities and differences of means of transport, and understand which means of transport by air, railway, road and waterway. Children also know what type of vehicle is powered by (human-powered bicycles, gasoline-powered motorbikes).
  • Raise children’s awareness of traffic accident prevention.
  • Train your child’s brain through improving memory with images and sounds while stimulating curiosity to explore the world.

 How to teach children to recognize simple cars at home?

  • Traffic toy vehicles are the most effective tools to help children play and learn safely, from which they can know the name of vehicles and the characteristics of each type.
  • Parents can teach children about means of transport through many forms such as buying/printing pictures of vehicles, instructing children to color corresponding to each type of transport.
  • Many shops outside painting services also have many models of vehicles. If you have free time, let your children come to paint statues, while exercising their memory, coloring ability, ingenuity, and being able to make friends with many other children.
  • Vehicle-themed songs or videos, played over and over again, help children memorize vehicles easily and effectively. Parents can also download some simple video games about traffic for their children. However, video games often make children addicted, so parents need to limit their children’s playing time, and do not let children watch too much TV or phone.
  • If possible, parents can buy a number of vehicles suitable for their child’s age and ability, such as 3-wheeled bicycles, scooters, and low-speed cars, but must absolutely ensure safety. for you.

 Simple game suggestions to teach children about vehicles and traffic safety

Make traffic lights

 Materials and tools required: crackers, cheese, apples (red, yellow, green), plastic knife.

 Method: Prepare rectangular cookies to make traffic light poles. Remove the core of the apple, then cut 3 types of red, yellow, and green apples into circles (be careful not to peel the apples).

How to play: Parents support and supervise the baby to sweep cheese on cookies. Then instruct the child to arrange the round apple pieces in the order of the color corresponding to the order of the traffic lights, which is red-yellow-green to place on the cookie that has been coated with cheese before.

 Guess the means of transport

 This game applies to a number of vehicles with specific sounds such as ambulances, police cars, ships, planes… Parents let children hear the sound of the vehicle and guess what type of vehicle it is. . When traveling with your baby on the road, please show him the types of vehicles and ask him to read the names (for example, the question: what is the green car on the left …)

College game: Mother prints pictures of vehicles on paper and then cuts them into several separate pieces, then mixes them together so that the child can match the vehicles correctly. Currently, there are also many types of jigsaw puzzles available for sale by theme, which mothers can refer to to buy for their children to play.

Guess the means of transport

 Some traffic safety rules parents should teach their children early

 In addition to teaching children to recognize vehicles, teaching children traffic safety is important to help them understand and practice correctly. Remind your child to always remember the following rule:

  • Recognize light signals when participating in traffic on the road.
  • Remember to stop, look, and then cross the street. Do not run when crossing the road. Pay attention and listen.
  • Walk on sidewalks, pedestrian streets.
  • The white line is for pedestrians crossing the street.
  • Never cross the road on bends.

 Notes when sitting in a moving vehicle

 When sitting in a moving car, parents always make sure that the baby is fastened with a seat belt to form a habit for the baby. In addition, mothers should show their children some of the following principles:

  • Never stand up while the vehicle is moving unless absolutely necessary or walk while the vehicle is moving, especially a bus.
  • Never stick your hands or head out of a car window.
  • It is necessary to quickly take attendance and get off the bus when the car arrives, in case the baby is forgotten.

 Teaching children about vehicles and traffic safety rules when traveling on the road is not an easy task because children often tend to pay less attention to what parents say. Therefore, parents should create some fun activities to make it easier for children to absorb.