Methods of teaching children to recognize fruits


How children learn to recognize fruits effectively is something that many parents care about, because the alphabet, fruits, animals … which many children’s channels on YouTube mention as one of the familiar topics, easily help children access knowledge more. So, please refer to the ways to teach children to recognize fruits below.

Teach your baby to recognize fruits

Teach your baby to recognize fruits

1. Some benefits when children get acquainted with fruits through English

a. Promote children’s brain development

According to researchers, early learning a foreign language for children will promote the development of the baby’s mind as well as the brain. Early recognition will help the brain work regularly and create a foundation for children to form critical thinking quickly. From there, children will know how to select and process information better than their peers.

b. Natural language acquisition

For many adults like us, learning feels like a compulsion, but for young children, the ability to learn is very natural. Because children are too young to have many complicated things in their heads, so they will comfortably learn and accept it.

teaching children to recognize fruits

Benefits when babies recognize early – receive information naturally

c. Practice confidence for your baby

When learning with forms through games, children have more opportunities to communicate with friends. From there, the children will feel more confident in communication and this is a very necessary skill for children in the future.

2. Methods of teaching children to recognize fruits

a. Teach children to learn with comics

Instead of forcing children to study in the traditional way, mothers can teach children to learn with comic books with topics about fruit that will help them remember longer. Each word combined with pictures will make the children feel the lessons more attractive and not create a feeling of boredom.

b. Teach children to learn through songs

As we all know, children have always been interested in music. Therefore, we can also teach children to recognize fruits through songs. This is the way to bring knowledge closer to children.

With this method, we can also interpret the words in the song and practice singing along. In addition, we should choose songs that are easy to listen to, with standard pronunciation to be more suitable for children.

c.Help your baby identify fruits by color

First, you can choose the same fruit but different colors; for example, green apple – red apple, watermelon- cantaloupe, green grape – purple grape… At the same time, you can also choose different fruits but have similar colors such as oranges and tangerines. red plums and red grapes… Then you put these fruits on the same plate.

 You ask your child to “Give me the apple” or “Get me the red fruit”… The baby will distinguish two concepts:

  •   The first concept, the same fruit but with different colors.
  •   The second concept, the same color but with different types of fruit.

 Color rainbow game: You can use the yellow color of pineapple, mango; orange color of oranges, tangerines, carrots; red color of strawberries, watermelons; green of kiwi fruit; white of yogurt. You arrange the fruits that have been cut into rainbow shapes on a large plate. Then give your baby a piece of fruit and ask him to name it. If the child answers correctly, he will be allowed to “eat yummy” fruit.

Your baby will learn to recognize fruits even if they are sliced. In addition, the baby is also acquainted with delicious fruit mixed yogurt.

 Matching fruit game by picture: Firstly, you prepare a fruit basket with many different types such as oranges, apples, pears, watermelons, strawberries… At the same time, you have a book with illustrations of fruits next to you. When you point to a picture in the book, your child will choose a fruit in the basket to match.

 Children will recognize the fruits in the book and the fruits in real life.

 d.Help your baby identify fruit by taste

 You can process oranges in 2 ways: cut into pieces and squeeze into orange juice for your baby to drink. Next, you mix a cup of lemonade (or another cup of fruit juice) and put it side by side.

You can suggest to your baby: “Let’s play a secret game with fruit”. Then, suggest that your child drink a sip of orange juice and a sip of lemonade. Finally, you just gave your baby oranges and gave him a multiple choice question: “Do you know, the taste of this piece of orange is most similar to the glass of juice you just drank?”.

This way also has a great effect in stimulating the baby to eat fruit. Many parents believe that the processing of fruit into beautiful dishes will attract their children, but they forget that teaching them how to distinguish the taste of food also makes them interested.

Above is all useful information about the most useful ways to teach children to learn English. Hopefully this article will bring a lot of necessary information for both parents and children.