Effective methods of teaching children to learn numbers that parents can apply at home


Outside of class time, parents regularly tutoring and teaching children to learn extra numbers at home is also an effective way of training. Teaching children to learn numbers at home not only makes it easier for them to receive knowledge, but also creates opportunities for parents and children to become closer and understand each other better. In the article below, we will introduce some simple methods of teaching children to learn numbers for parents to refer to and apply to their children.

Why should children learn numbers as early as possible?

Nowadays, a lot of parents have started teaching their children numbers or teaching them to write numbers quite early. Besides, there is also an opinion that if you educate your children too early, it means that parents are stealing their child’s childhood, making them feel pressured and overloaded. However, experts say that early education by teaching children to learn numbers is a correct method and brings a lot of benefits to children such as:

  •     Help children develop brain, thinking ability
  •     Build a passion for math and numbers
  •     Encourage children’s eagerness to learn
  •     Train memorization ability
  •     Teaching children to count numbers is not simply familiar with numbers, but it is also a premise to create a solid foundation for skills of creativity, communication, inference, etc.

In particular, the first 3 years of life is the period when children have the ability to quickly absorb and remember in the longest time. Therefore, when the baby is just babbling and talking, parents can teach the children to learn numbers right now.

Effective methods of teaching children to learn numbers that parents can apply at home

Teaching children to learn numbers early brings a lot of benefits

Effective methods of teaching children to learn numbers that parents can apply at home

Integrate teaching children to learn numbers in daily activities

Do parents know that integrating counting into daily children’s activities is an effective way to teach children to learn numbers? Not only that, this method of playing and learning is also extremely flexible, not dry, but very intuitive and effective.

To teach your baby numbers and help them get used to numbers, try letting your baby do interesting activities such as counting the number of steps the child walks, counting the total number of toys he has, and counting family members. family, …

Let your baby get used to the number symbols

When your baby is 3 years old and can begin to recognize letters and numbers, parents can start teaching children to recognize numeral symbols. However, this method needs to be done slowly, parents should not be in a hurry because it can put pressure on the children.

To teach children to learn numbers and symbols of numbers, parents can let them color and draw funny numbers to let them get used to them first. This will stimulate more children’s creativity and interest in learning numbers. When introducing alphanumeric symbols to children, parents should combine them with asking children to read aloud the numbers they have just colored so that they can easily memorize them.

Combine learning and playing games

When having free time, parents should spend a lot of time teaching their children to count numbers by playing games. Just like singing and dancing, the activity games that combine intelligence games always make children especially interested. Telling parents another interesting thing is that the games with prizes will make the children more interested and excited about learning numbers.

Let your baby learn to count numbers through simple games that will stimulate curiosity, creativity and the ability to learn more.

Learn to count numbers through songs

Fun melodies with short, easy-to-remember lyrics will help children memorize numbers easily. At the same time, when singing and teaching children to sing, parents should also describe the numbers in their body language because children under 6 years old often learn by memorizing pictures. The baby’s brain will “capture” the images they see, then save it for a long time in their memory.

Learn to count numbers through songs

With this method, parents can teach their children to learn from 1 to 10 by practicing singing familiar songs such as “Numbers Song”, “How Many Fingers?”, or “Numbers Song Let’s Count”, etc. Singing English not only helps children learn numbers faster, but also cultivates vocabulary for children.

In addition, parents can let their children get acquainted with numbers and learn preschool math through useful children’s programs on YouTube. The program promises to bring children useful content such as: the alphabet, learning to count numbers and recognizing shapes, funny body parts.

3 notes for parents when teaching children to learn numbers at home

Reading and counting are two different definitions

From 2 years old and up, children can memorize and count fluently from 1 to 10. However, children still do not understand the meaning of numbers and are just rote learning. Therefore, when teaching children to learn numbers, parents should teach children how to read numbers, how to count numbers in the order 1,2,3, 4… so that children can distinguish.

Besides teaching children to count from 1 to 10, parents should also teach children how to count backwards. Counting down will help children have better logical thinking and understand the order and position of numbers.

Do not put pressure when teaching children to learn numbers

When teaching children to learn numbers, it is very normal for children to count incorrectly. Therefore, parents should see positively in the fact that children answer a number right or wrong is also showing the child is really learning to count. Besides, instead of scolding or urging children to become “prodigies” about numbers, parents should be patient and give them more time with this subject.

Children should only recognize letters from 1-10

For preschool-aged children, parents should only teach children to count from 1 to 10. As for elementary school children, parents can expand by teaching them to add and subtract within 20 or more depending on their needs. into the child’s curriculum.

For preschool children, parents should only let them learn numbers from 1 to 10

For preschool children, parents should only let them learn numbers from 1 to 10

At the same time, instead of trying to teach children to count a lot, parents let them learn bigger numbers at school. Of course, if the child learns well, parents can consider giving the child extra lessons, but it should not be overused because going beyond this range will be a bit too much for the children’s thinking ability.

Suggest some simple games to parents when teaching children to learn numbers

Games to teach 2-year-olds to learn numbers

Find the numbers

Parents, prepare flashcards with numbers printed with funny shapes, then arrange them in front of your child and say the numbers you want to find. Or parents can also ask children to practice finding numbers when they meet: roadside billboards, phone numbers, license plates, etc.

Combining learning to count with simple games will make the teaching and learning process easier and more effective

Counting objects in the house

This game is quite simple because the furniture in the house is already available, parents just need to guide the children to sort and count the number of each type. With this game, parents should also join the child as a friend and learn to count with the child. The back-and-forth interaction between parents and children will make children more interested without being bored.

Games to teach 3-year-olds to learn numbers

Play hopscotch

The folk game of hopscotch is too familiar with squares with numbers. Parents, help your child read the numbers aloud and guide him or her to jump to the correct box corresponding to the number you read.

Hopscotch is a familiar folk game that can help children learn to count numbers faster

Playing card

Parents, please use the cards to teach children to count from 1 to 10 and play the game “big fish eat small fish”. This is a game that most children between the ages of 3 and 5 enjoy. Accordingly, each person will turn over 1 card, whoever’s card has the higher number, that person will get the other person’s card.

Games to teach 4-year-olds to learn numbers -Use books to learn to count numbers

Children’s counting books often have very funny and vivid images with eye-catching colors that will make children extremely excited. Therefore, please supplement your child’s knowledge by reading books to them every day, pointing to the pictures and drawing numbers so that they can remember them longer.

Parents should find games that are appropriate for their child’s age and interests to make learning and playing more effective

Games to teach 5-year-olds to learn numbers – Memorize phone numbers

Memorizing phone numbers is not only a game but also a skill to help children protect themselves. When your child is 5 years old, parents should teach him to remember and memorize the phone numbers of his family members. This also helps a lot in case the child is in danger and needs urgent protection.

To be able to teach children to learn numbers effectively, parents cannot be hasty, but need to be patient so that the child has enough time to gain knowledge. In particular, all methods of teaching children to learn numbers always need the participation and companionship of parents. Besides, parents can also apply many of the above methods at the same time to teach their children to learn numbers, as long as it is appropriate and does not put pressure on the child.