What will happen if you drink black tea every day


It seems that tea is the most consumed drink after water. But did you know that among the different varieties of tea that exist, black tea is one of the most popular? However, the majority of us tend to think that black tea represents a health hazard. So what to think of this famous hot drink? Find out below what will happen if you drink black tea every day and how to drink black tea.



What is black tea and how can you prepare it properly?

Black tea comes from the oxidation of green tea. The process of oxidation makes it possible to preserve the tea. It also ensures that it has a higher theine content than any other tea. However, for black tea to retain its properties and especially its taste, it must be well prepared.

To prepare black tea properly, three points must be considered very closely: the method, the temperature and the time:

  • To prevent your tea from undergoing any thermal shock, boil water separately and pour it into the teapot and the cups.
  • Let the water sit for a few minutes, then remove it from the teapot.
  • Then leave the tea in the empty teapot for two to three minutes and then add hot water to it.
  • Leave to infuse for five minutes without stirring before serving it in the cups (emptied of the ad water mentioned in the first line).

What are the benefits of black tea?

There are very specific reasons why black tea is consumed heavily all over the world. One of the main reasons is that it is beneficial for health. This is because black tea improves cardiovascular health as it contains an antioxidant that is effective in fighting cardiovascular disease.

In addition, black tea helps fight arthritis, diabetes and asthma in addition to strengthening the heart. This type of tea is also said to have positive effects on dental health as well as bone health (by strengthening them). In short, black tea is a drink with multiple benefits for your health.

From a mental point of view, black tea also has anti-stress properties. In fact, black tea is made up of an amino acid that helps you relax and focus. It also provides a boost by stimulating your metabolism. Therefore, if you consume black tea regularly, the level of your stress hormones will drop drastically.

How to properly consume black tea?

You know it now: black tea is beneficial for both physical and mental health. However, to be able to enjoy all its benefits, you will need to know how to properly consume your black tea. Already, it is strongly advised not to take it in the evening at the risk of suffering from insomnia.

The ideal would therefore be to consume black tea during the day. Even though the protective effects of black tea increase as it is consumed, it is still best to drink black tea in moderation. If you are a woman, avoid consuming black tea near mealtimes. This will prevent the malabsorption of iron.

As for the recommended daily intake, people with insomnia should not exceed five cups per day. A maximum of eight cups per day is allowed for a majority of the population. Also, if you want to reduce the level of theine in black tea, you can pre-infuse it for two to three minutes.