What happens when you only drink water


Water is the only drink we need. Without water, no life. It is therefore important to pay attention to your consumption of other drinks. When we only drink water, it has many effects on our body. And extremely positive effects, as you can probably imagine! Indeed, our body is made up of 60% water. It is therefore absolutely imperative to consume it as often as possible.


When we only drink water it has excellent effects on our body -Photo: © Envato Elements

Aesthetic effects

When we only drink water, it automatically affects our beauty. Yes, water helps nourish our body and our skin. Drinking water also helps improve intestinal transit. Drinking water on a regular basis also makes you less hungry and better eliminates fats and toxins. This way, when you only drink water, you can actually lose weight.

When you only drink water, you also burn more calories. Drinking only water is simply healthier. And health is automatically reflected in our appearance. Indeed, when we are in good health, we automatically become more attractive. Drinking water also has beneficial effects on the skin. Indeed, when we only drink water, our skin automatically becomes more beautiful. It’s a fact. The water moisturizes the skin and removes the toxins that clutter it. We therefore have fewer blackheads, fewer dark circles and younger, more elastic skin.

Effects on health

When we only drink water, it also has very beneficial effects on our health. Indeed, drinking water restores tone to the brain. Yes, by drinking only water, our brain can work more quickly and efficiently. Indeed, hydration allows to renew our cells in a more efficient way. If the cells of our brain renew themselves efficiently, we therefore have better health and a more efficient brain.

In addition, when you only drink water, you are simply less likely to suffer from diseases. For example, drinking 5 glasses of water a day reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack by 41%. If you are addicted to sugary drinks or soda for example, you should change your habits and always drink only water. If it’s a drink that you don’t particularly like the taste of, nothing could be simpler! You can add a little bit of honey and lemon for example.