5 reasons to continue consuming dairy products


You may be tempted to ban all milk-derived products from your diet because you doubt the importance of these foods for your diet. Yet, it is commonly agreed that daily consumption of three types of milk-derived products is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Despite this, you still have some hesitation in your head. If you do not know what to do about whether or not to include milk in your diet, we suggest you discover the five benefits of milk for your health.

1. Because we need calcium


Regardless of our age, we always need a good supply of calcium to preserve the structure and texture of our bones. Be aware that all products processed from milk are an essential source of calcium. It suffices for example to take 2 pots of yogurt to supply the body with calcium. Indeed, it is the amount necessary to provide his body with the 30% of calcium it needs. The rest will be taken from the other foods you eat.

Despite this, just under half of the French neglect this rule. This trend is even more alarming in Morocco, the Sudans and other countries. On the other hand, in Sweden, Finland and Holland, the consumption of milk reaches a fairly satisfactory level.

2. Because some dairy products digest very well

You may be reluctant to include dairy in your diet because of your lactose intolerance; your reaction is completely normal. Moreover, in this case, it is advisable to have medical opinions before being able to integrate the milk again in its diet.

However, some dairy products, such as yogurt, are low in lactose. More specifically, the good bacteria found in yogurt help digest milk sugar (lactose). But for this to happen, you have to take a yogurt with a total of ferments of 100 million per gram.

3. Because yoghurts help you lose weight or stay slim

In a pot of unsweetened yogurt, you will find very little fat; 100 grams of yogurt contains 2.6 grams of fat in total. Indeed, these so-called plain yogurts are systematically good for health and in particular for people who follow a slimming diet. If you are on a diet, you have the right to consume one natural yogurt per day. You can also incorporate this light and delicious ingredient in your various slimming dishes.

4. Because yoghurts (again) are really good for your health

Believe it or not, yogurts are great health allies. Indeed, it has been proven that a person who consumes 4 pots of yogurt and more every week is better able to follow a healthier lifestyle. People who manage to respect this consumption rule are, according to studies, more apt to do physical and sports activities. Yes, milk or rather yogurt is therefore a food that should not be neglected if we want to start adopting a more balanced lifestyle.

5. Because there are so many recipes with dairy products …

Products derived from milk are safe sources of calcium and protein. In addition to that, they are very easily incorporated into the dishes that you can consume on a daily basis. Be it desserts, green vegetable dishes, sauces, smoothies, etc. adding a milk derivative can always make a difference. In addition, milk and dairy products can also be eaten at snack time without having to cook them.