Top 10 fun English Seasons and Weather songs for kids.


In addition to entertainment, music is also an effective means of learning English for children. Learning English for children through songs helps to create a happy learning atmosphere and stimulates children’s interest in learning. At the same time, through specific English children’s songs about a topic, children learn the corresponding English words, their meanings and pronunciation.

Here are the top 10 fun English Seasons and Weather songs for kids.

Seasons and Weather topic content for teaching English to children

Teaching English to children with Seasons and Weather themes focuses on the vocabulary of this topic. The English vocabulary group about Seasons (season of the year) includes words like “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and the English vocabulary group about Weather includes words like “rain””, ”sunny “,”cold “, …

The effectiveness of learning English vocabulary with the theme of Seasons and Weather is assessed by the child’s level of understanding and knowing how to pronounce these words. To ensure the above two factors, learning through fun English songs for children is sometimes more effective than learning through books.

Below is a list of English songs about Seasons and Weather that are suitable for children, especially preschool and kindergarten age children to learn English.

Top 10 fun English Seasons and Weather songs for kids.

1. Seasons Song – Have Fun Teaching

This is one of the most popular English children’s songs about the seasons of the year. Seasons Song of Have Fun Teaching Channel helps children understand words like “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall”, “Autumn” through fun tunes, lyrics describing the characteristics of each season.

top 10 fun English Seasons and Weather songs for kids.

The Quote is from the song: “Here comes the spring with the rain pouring down. Here comes the spring with the flowers in the ground. Here comes the spring with the rainbow in the sky. Here comes the spring to bring new life. Here comes the summer with the heat from the sun. Here comes the summer with the kids having fun…”

2. Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow – The Singing Walrus

YouTube channel The Singing Walrus brings the music video “Sun, Rain, Wind and Snow” – a fun English song for children about different types of weather. To the beat of the song, lovable cartoon characters board a hot air balloon to discover all the fun things we can do when it’s sunny, rainy, windy or snowy.

3. How’s The Weather? – English Tree TV

Using a simple question about the weather as the title and main goal, this English children’s song helps them find the answer to “How’s the weather?”. Through that, learn about weather patterns in English with simple sentences “It’s sunny/rainy/windy…”. The song has a cheerful melody, simple lyrics, and a short duration just enough for children to follow and learn.

4. What’s the Weather Like Today – The Kiboomers

10 Seasons and Weather English songs for kids

Similar to the above song, “What’s the weather like today” by The Kiboomers Channel also relies on answering questions like the title of the song to teach children English vocabulary about the topic Weather. With catchy tunes and lovely illustrations, listening and singing along to the song “What’s the weather like today” will help children have interesting English learning moments.

5. If You Know All the Seasons – The Kiboomers

Along with the Weather song, The Kiboomers channel also offers an English children’s song about the seasons called “If you know all the seasons”. This video as well as the lyrics contain special actions aimed at encouraging children to participate and interact, thereby better understanding the theme of seasons in English. The quote is from the song: “If you know all the seasons. You’ve got four terrific reasons. To shout out and name the seasons. Clap your hands. If you really love the winter, go like this ‘BRRR’…”

6. The Sun Comes Up! – Dream English Kids

The Sun Comes Up of Dream English Kids is another fun English children’s song on the subject of Weather. Listening to the fun melody of the song, following the instructions of Mr. Matt in the video will help children feel that learning English is like a fun game. Thereby, children acquire and understand English vocabulary about weather quickly and easily.

7. Winter weather song – KidloLand Nursery Rhymes and Song for Kids

In addition to songs covering the general theme of Weather or Seasons, young children can also learn through specific English children’s songs about a season, typically as the Winter weather song of YouTube channel KidloLand. This song is about the weather in winter with its own characteristics (snowman, rain and ice, windy storms,) on the background of fun music with beautiful, colorful illustrations, attracting attention of young children.

8. It’s a Beautiful Day – The Singing Walrus

Another fun English children’s song from The Singing Walrus is a song called “It’s a Beautiful day”. It’s a Beautiful day celebrates the beauty and joy of a sunny day in summer and spring. With gentle melodies, simple lyrics, the song is suitable for children of all ages to listen and hum along.

9. Weather – Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories

Indispensable in this list is the song Weather by Pinkfong YouTube Channel. Pinkfong always brings fun, beautiful and educational music videos for kids. The channel’s Weather song aims to help children learn weather vocabulary by answering the question “How’s the weather?”. Each answer in the lyrics corresponds to a typical weather pattern and activity in that weather pattern. The Quote is from the song: “How’s the weather today? Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it windy? Is it snowy? “It’s windy!” “Let’s fly a kite!”

10. Seasons Song for Kids (Autumn Version) – Pancake Manor

Finally, it is the song Seasons of the Pancake Manor channel. In less than 3 minutes, the Seasons song helps children relax while learning English with the theme Seasons and Weather – Seasons of the year and weather in a fun way. With a cheerful melody, simple lyrics, children easily catch up and sing along to this song.

Hopefully with the list suggested above, parents can easily choose English songs for children with the theme of Seasons and Weather – Seasons of the year and weather to teach and accompany children.