9 Ways to teach children to learn colors


Children’s early recognition of colors will help their minds to observe more delicately and creatively. Teaching children to learn colors should not wait until the baby is old enough to start, this will reduce the ability to observe and acumen of the senses. Through this article, parents will know how to effectively teach their children to learn colors.

I. The right time to teach your baby to learn colors

9 Simple Ways to Get Your Toddler to Learn Colors - Teaching Littles

Children always love to learn about the world around them through observation

  •     Young children always love to learn about the world around them through observation. During the first few years of life, babies will often notice contrasting colors like red and black. By 18 months, your baby will be able to distinguish between different colors, but won’t be able to name colors.
  •     When children are three years old, at this time starting kindergarten they can name colors, but it is limited. After the age of three and a half, children will be more aware of colors.
  •     If you teach your child colors too early and he can’t recognize them, he won’t be able to name the colors correctly. However, you don’t have to worry too much about your child not being able to name the correct color.
  • Also, you shouldn’t wait until your child is old enough to teach colors. This is due to a decrease in the child’s ability to observe. At the same time, it also reduces the keen and subtle observation of the senses.

II. Principles of teaching children to learn colors

Parents need to understand the main principles when teaching their children to recognize colors.

– Teach children the main colors such as: yellow, red, blue, then the secondary colors are mixed together such as: yellow orange, red orange, blue black, purple yellow….

– Teach children to remember colors with realistic pictures and repeat them every day to help them remember faster.

– Teach children each color individually, teach children 2-3 colors in each lesson. Do not teach too many colors at once, children will get confused and cannot distinguish different colors.

– Ask children for colors whenever possible, simply the colors of the fruits which he sees, the colors of objects, the colors of clothes so he can memorize them as quickly as possible.


III. Ways to teach children to learn colors

Teaching children to recognize colors

Teaching children to recognize colors

1. Teach your baby to learn colors through games

  •     Let’s play the fun game “One color a week” with your child. Teaching your baby one color each week will help him remember that color for a long time. In the first week, if you want to teach your child, try to expose him to red objects as much as possible.
  • For example, you can let your baby wear a red shirt, red shoes, red backpack… In addition, you can expose your baby to red toys such as baby balls or red puzzle toys. If you repeat red with the baby, the color will be remembered very effectively. We need to speak slowly so that children can absorb and remember.


2. Color with your baby

Coloring is a good idea to combine playing and learning

No matter how busy you are, take some time each day to play with your child. Toddlers love to color, so coloring is a good idea to combine playing and learning. Available in 4-6 colors. When your child colors the paper, explain the name of the color.

3. Compare objects of the same and different colors

  •     Introducing different objects is a good way to teach your child to recognize colors and their differences. Compare objects of different colors on the same object, such as a ball. By observing color differences, children can better recognize objects and their names.
  • In addition to colors, there are many things to teach children. Therefore, do not ignore the article on teaching children with slow speaking, teaching children to learn letters and numbers …

4. Sing with children

One of the fastest ways to help young children learn quickly is to use music. Color songs are set up as easy-to-listen songs that not only help your baby remember colors, but also make them easier to associate.


5. Teach your baby colors through meals

During the cooking process, you should keep some vegetables, tubers and fruits. Then organize a game with your child. You can ask a few questions for the child to answer such as: What is this fruit? What color are they? At first, the child may not be able to answer, so please give some suggestions for your child!

Then, repeat this game many times so that your child can memorize quickly and more effectively. With the way to teach children colors through meals, mothers can apply them when feeding their children at every meal. Be patient and gently guide children to recognize that vegetables are green, rice is white, and bread is yellow.

Mothers can let babies learn colors through food

Mothers can let babies learn colors through food


6. Teach children colors from coloring

Parents can teach their children to learn colors through coloring. In fact, children as young as 3 years old can already perceive the world around them by touching objects. This is also a “golden time” to help children develop creativity and skills for themselves. To do this, parents should encourage their child to learn to draw. This will help children have better interest in colors.

Besides, parents can also help their children recognize colors through coloring. Note, should let the baby freely choose the color he likes, you just need to sit next to him and ask him what color he is coloring. If your child answers incorrectly, gently guide him/her.

7. Teach your baby to learn colors through questions

Any child loves to have fun, be active, and explore the world. So, mom, please buy your baby a set of toys with vivid and vibrant colors. It can be blocks or letters, or a set of clothes… When children play these games, ask them what color it is, what shape is it? Help your child recognize colors!

Teach your baby to learn colors through questions while he is having fun

Teach your baby to learn colors through questions while he is having fun

8. Teach children colors through pictures

With this method, you stick monochrome pictures on the wall. Each day teach children an animal, an object with a separate color. That way, you can both help your child distinguish colors and talk to them every day.

For each picture, tell your baby a story to help him string together information related to colors and help him remember longer. This is an effective way to teach children to learn colors, which is successfully applied by many people.

9. Let the children mix their own clothes

Around 3 months old, babies often tend to choose their own clothes according to their favorite colors. Therefore, if your child has this tendency, let him do what he likes. What you need to do is help your child recognize what color they are wearing. This method helps children remember and name colors faster and easier.

Through the above article, we have shared with you the secret to teaching your baby to learn colors effectively. Hopefully, after reading this article, parents have “pocketed” a lot of useful knowledge in the process of raising children.