Newborn Babies Cling To Each Other During Their First Bath


Twins used to cuddle together like newborns while still inside their mother. The newborn twins can’t stop cuddling up to one another. And it seems so cute to watch. Having twins is awesome. I hold a geпtle with eyes closed, the twins are enjoying their first bath. These fascinating photos quickly became a social media hit, published on a social media piece by a midwife from Paris.

A nurse posted a sweet video of twin newborns washing using a method that she created to mimic being in the womb on YouTube. They were born, but they may not know it yet.

The babies are just two months old, you can see in the video that the just came from having bath and Continuesly holding each other hands, touching face, wrapping their arm and legs around each other. Sometimes, social media shows us a very cute, and beautiful things like these.

A unique tub has provided a wonderful glimpse into what life would be like for twins in the womb, with babies hugging and cuddling each other as if they were pregnant in the womb.

In the shared video, everyone can notice. The skill is very professional, and there is a hand to support the baby very gently, carefully on the baby’s face and eyes. The mouth and nose are left above the water so that the babies can breathe on their own.

The Thalasso baby wash technique was developed by a grandmother and maternity nurse from Paris, France, named Sonia Rochel.

Consequently, this bathing method was successful. It should be mentioned, though, that a specialist only uses this technique in a hospital and never at home.

The videos shared above to spread the love of brothers and sisters. The one who grew with me in the womb, and enjoyed the most precious things my mother gave me. When 3 hearts beat at the same time, and when they are out in the outside world, that feeling is still intact for each other.

Can be an incredible thing, having someone who’s always there for you right from the start of life, a bond that lasts a lifetime.