Historical Boy Names To Inspire Your Name Search


Who gives birth, each of us wants to give our children the best and most perfect things. Even the name is the same, it follows you for the rest of your life. A very meaningful name, expressing the expectations of parents about the future of their children. And what about the name associated with history? A historic baby name will encourage children to choose the path of truth and integrity.


The name of the former US president Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery, had to make it to our list of significant historical figures. His name is of Hebrew origin and means “exalted father.”


The English and Scottish origin name, Adams, is patronymic in nature as it means “son of Adams.” Thus, the name is inspired by the second president of America, John Adams.


It is inspired by the Theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein, who was crowned as the pillar of Modern Physics after his Theory of Relativity. Albert means “noble” and is of Old German origin.


The neutral name is inspired by the Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell. The name originates from the Latin and Greek name Alexandros, which means “defender of men.”


Meaning “elf or magical counsel,” the name Alfred is of Old English origin. We took inspiration for this name from the noble King Alfred, who dedicated his life to promoting the importance of education.


The name Ali means “exalted” in Arabic. It is a name inspired by the professional American boxer and social activist Mohammad Ali. His perseverance would be an emerging impulse for your baby boy.


The name is inspired by the most influential Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is of Latin origin and means “lover of God.”


The ancient and classic name Anselm is inspired by the Italian philosopher of the same name. It means “with divine protection” and is of Old German origin.


It is the alternative form of the Roman name Antonius or Anthony, which means “priceless one.” This would be an elegant name for your child if you wish to name him so. The name is inspired by the Roman Emperor, Antoninus Pius, one of the five good emperors of Rome.


The Greek mathematician Archimedes changed the world of physics with his discoveries, and thus, is a notable person in our list of historical baby names. His name means “master planner” and is of Greek origin.