Woman Giving Birth In The Car Park: That Moments When The Baby Is In A Hurry to Be Born


The story of birth is always a matter of concern for parents, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

Your body operates as it should. Doesn’t give a damn about your whereabouts or your activities. It won’t wait for the ideal moment or give a damn about rules.

Labor is the same, there are people who will have the first signs. But there are people who have no signs before birth.

A pregnant woman in the parking lot with her husband. Sudden labor. Because of the urgent situation, it is impossible to move to the hospital. So the woman gave birth right in the parking lot.

That moments when the baby is in a hurry to be born.

The woman recounted: “I shouted to my husband, who was in the car, waiting for us to get in: “Love, come here, run!” My biggest fear was that he wouldn’t witness the moment our son was born. He stayed behind me, holding me, while I pushed and Amanda held the baby. Roberta was close by too, but she had moved a little to the side so that my husband could stay with me, with us. In three pushes, our son was born.”

Fortunately, the baby was born safely, before the happy surprise of the parents and everyone around.