The Extraordinary Story Of Two Gay Dads, Three Surrogate Mothers, A Newborn Baby And Two More Babies About To Be Born.


Daryl Lee’s dream of becoming a father for the first time has come true as he cuddles his newborn son in a custom nursery that cost £40,000. He looks to Luke Harris, his civil partner. They then turn to Bex Harris, the baby’s surrogate mother, and say, “Thank you for giving us the kid we’ve always dreamed of.”

Bex, who is not related to Luke, used his own eggs in a conventional surrogacy, and Mr. Lee, 41, is the father. In a four-bedroom, £800,000 property in Surrey, Bex is not the only lady to give birth to a gay pair, though. Phoenix Blue Harris-Lee, nicknamed ‘little boy Blue’ by the couple, was born naturally at 11:01pm on January 14 after a 16-hour labor, weighing 7lb 15oz.

In their quest to find a family, Mr. Harris and Mr. Lee controversially enlisted the help of not one but three surrogates. All three surrogates are a few weeks apart, so not just one baby, but two more babies coming soon. The second child in medicine is Mr. Harris’s child, the baby is expected to be born on February 23. The third baby is a boy, is Mr. Lee’s son, due to be born nearly 5 months after the first two babies. It’s July 14th.

Mr. Harris is 50 years old an IT consultant, and Mr. Lee is a dentist. The two of them met and met on social media in January 1999 and moved in together. In 2012 they became civil partners. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed to be fathers like we’ve been yearning for a family for a decade. It’s something that we never thought there was a card. “Yes, our family is not normal, but just because we are gay shouldn’t stop us from becoming parents.

They initially chatted for 12 months with Becky, 27, from Suffolk. Since she helped a couple, she introduced them to her ex-sister-in-law Bex, 32, who was a previous surrogate. Six weeks later, when she learned they longed for a family, Bex told them her best friend Viktoria, 32, was looking for her first surrogate. After four months of meeting, both women agreed to become their biological mother.

For the delivery, Bex’s mother Karen drove her to the NHS hospital and they met Mr Harris and Mr Lee at the entrance. I spent hours and hours in the early stages of labor, which was exhausting. There was a lot of uproar and I started crying with joy. Daryl cut the umbilical cord and the baby was given directly to Luke skin-to-skin. It was a beautiful moment. I just feel so excited to have done this for them and given them the son they’ve always dreamed of. Within hours of giving birth, Mr. Lee gave Bex a ‘gift’ – a £200 Swarovski crystal necklace

But she and our other surrogate mothers will be a very important part of our babies’ lives. We are constantly visiting each other and that will continue. For now, dads love to use their £100 Babybjorn sling. They continued to work part-time, with one father staying at home on days the other worked. Mr. Lee’s parents will live with them for the next six months to be present while they get the children into routine.