Fantastic Moment While Her Husband Rushes Her To The Hospital, A Mother Gives Birth In The Car As Her Three Other Children Sob In The Back Seat.


On Friday, while Mike Anthony Addison was driving Rudy Napier to what was to be her final checkup with all three of their children in the backseat, Jolee Lavergne Addison made the decision that it was time for her to enter the world. In a video taken by her young son, Mike Anthony Addison was seen giving birth to her fourth kid in the front seat of the car as she was being brought to the hospital.

After seeing the video resurface later, Mike’s father made the decision to post it on Facebook, and the post has already racked up nearly nine million views. The couple’s 10-year-old son, Jayden, was tasked with recording his unborn sister’s prenatal video when the family arrived for the visit. Her delivery was eventually documented on camera, though. After seeing the tape, Mike posted the video and called the entire experience a “wonderful nightmare.” The short, four and a half minute video depicts the scenario getting worse while Jayden continues to stand in front of the camera. While driving with his other arm, Mike tried to reassure Rudy by placing a hand on her leg. Rudy’s husband is attempting to transport her quickly and safely to Henderson Hospital. Rudy said to her husband: “Mike the baby is coming, Mike the baby is coming”

Jayden made a joke as the camera went back to his face when Mike asked his older children if they had any comments. Jayden said, “Hurry up.” The other sister, seated next to him in the back, was unable to talk and had tears streaming down her cheeks. One of his sisters sat calmly through the chaos. Rudy remembered her husband asking her, “Can you keep it? ” after the occurrence. But that was not feasible. “I couldn’t take it anymore,” she said, adding that this was the point at which she first lost her temper. “I couldn’t take it anymore,” she recalled thinking at the point that she felt she had to push, adding that this was also the point at which she initially exploded. Rudy remembered. that her husband had asked her, “Can you keep it?

I just wanted to take a second to thank EVERYONE at Henderson Hospital for their prompt help and friendliness throughout the whole process. After sharing the incredible experience on Facebook, Mike said he grinned and wondered, “What did I just do?” when he saw he had 150,000 alerts. After receiving a clean bill of health, both mother Rudy and infant Jolee are now at home adjusting to life with the full family of six.