10 English songs for children with the theme Colors


The method of learning English through fun themed songs is one of the effective ways to help children learn English. Through the lyrics, children can listen to fun tunes and learn English vocabulary according to their favorite topics. Let’s learn about the top 10 funny English songs for children with the theme of Colors with Sylvan Learning Vietnam !

English color song benefits for children

Theme of Colors is a very familiar topic in children’s lives. From at home to class, studying or playing, children are exposed to colors. Therefore, teaching English to children through these themed songs helps children grasp the basic vocabulary of colors. From there, children can easily use color words to apply in daily communication.

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Moreover, in each song, there are always sentence structures or phrases that children can remember and immediately apply in daily activities. Instead of just looking at pictures and saying the corresponding colors, children can use longer sentences to describe things around them. For example, plants are green, tomatoes are red or my favorite color is white…

To help children develop more skills in listening – speaking – reading – writing, especially English listening and speaking skills, let’s learn through the following top 10 English songs for children with the theme of Colors.

10 English songs for children with the theme Colors – Colors

English Color songs for children with fun tunes are suitable for children’s English learning age. Each song has vivid pictures illustrated in words to help children easily memorize vocabulary. Just like that, listening and singing along to the lyrics will give children natural reflexes when speaking English, helping them learn and play effectively.

1. Let’s Learn The Colors – ChuChu TV Channel

The song Let’s Learn the Colors is a color theme song with an extremely fun tune. The song has a very logical structure to help children easily learn English. At the beginning of the song, the colors in English are resounded asred, green, yellow, blue, orange… Each color in the song is illustrated with images and corresponding objects.

Through songs children can learn how to form simple sentences in English. Children can learn through a song: “Red, red, Apple is red. Green, green, Leaves are green. Yellow, yellow, Lemon is yellow. Blue, blue, sky is blue.

2. What Color is it? – Dream English Kids channel

The content of the song simply revolves around a main theme of asking and answering about color. ‘’What color is it’’ song is suitable for preschool age children. The song’s melody is extremely pleasant, not too fast, so that children can easily imitate the lyrics. The song has a simple structure to ask about the color of an object.

What color is it?

It’s …. (color)

3. What color am I wearing? – Channel Bounce Patrol – Kids Songs

“What color am I wearing” song helps children recognize the colors of different clothes. The cheerful song’s melody is very suitable for young children. Accompanying the lyrics are pictures of clothes with corresponding colors. Children can both learn color vocabulary and clothes vocabulary.

The song helps children recognize the colors on the clothes they are wearing. Parents can easily change the color in the song corresponding to the color of the child’s page.

4. What’s your favorite Color? – Channel Super Simple Songs

The songs mentioned above help children recognize basic colors, colors of objects, clothes, etc. in English. The song What’s your favorite color helps children learn more structures to say their favorite colors. Children can use the phrase “My favorite color’s blue” to talk about their favorite color. Depending on the preferences of each child, change the corresponding color.

Through the lyrics, parents can practice listening with their children and practice speaking English to help them memorize more effectively.

What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color’s….

5. Rainbow Color Song – Channel The Sighing Walrus

Even the title of the song speaks for itself. The content of the song mainly refers to the seven basic colors, also known as the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. The song’s moderate tempo, illustrated with cute cartoon animals, will surely help children get excited when listening to this song.

6. I See Something Blue – Super Simple Song Channel

The song opens with a picture of a car carrying a family. The children were excited about every scene on the side of the road and kept pointing out objects of a particular color. Through songs, children can identify objects with specific colors.

7. Five little Crayons – Kids TV Channel

The song “Five little Crayons” will help children learn English about colors and counting. This is a pretty cute song about the story of the 5 pencils in the song. The content of the song is that the children count each pencil that falls and breaks their leg while playing and is injured. The fun of the 5 pencils gradually disappeared one by one because they had to rest after falling.

8. Colors Chant – Busy Beavers Channel – Kids Learn ABCs 123s & More

This is a chorus about colors that makes it easier for children to learn and remember. It has repeated words and mostly refers to popular colors. The melody will be from slow to fast to help children increase their natural reflexes when learning English.

9. Red Yellow Green Blue – Super Simple Song Channel

Not to mention too manymuch colorscolor like other songs, the content of the song helps children remember 4 main colors: red, yellow, green and blue. At the same time, it helps children know the specific objects for each color mentioned. Such as:

Red is the color of an apple

Yellow is the color of the sun

10. The Colors Song – Cocomelon Channel – Nursery Rhymes

This is a suitable song for parents to help their children start the day. This song has simple lyrics along with cheerful, lively music that describes colors in English. Through The Color Song, children will be able to follow basic English colors.

With the method of learning English through funny songs, children will be more interested in learning English. From there, it helps children to recognize and communicate in English according to each topic fluently. Hopefully the top 10 funny children’s English songs on the topic of Colors will be useful for parents to help their children practice English effectively.