Mom Stunned Everyone After Giving Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl At The Age Of 60


Community customs, values, and conventions evolve daily, but attitudes toward having children don’t seem to be subject to as many changes. Women with children who are older than 40 face severe discrimination and are discussed in public. What is the general consensus in the neighborhood when a woman in her 60s or 70s delivers birth? Even in 2022, this will be difficult to comprehend, but fortunately, most of the time a healthy baby is born in these situations.

Galina Shubenina rose to fame after giving birth to a healthy baby girl in 2015 at the age of 60. Everyone attempted to talk Galina out of having children, including doctors and family members, but there was no good reason. Her strategy can be stopped by any unfavorable factor. She persisted, and Cleopatra, a healthy baby girl, was born as a result. Galina married when she was 20 years old and had a son named Andrei. Her marriage gradually fell apart, and she was left to raise her son by herself. She met Alexey, a man eight years her junior, at the age of 50, and found love again. After a short while, they were wed.

The woman was very happy, but a few years later her son Andrei suddenly disappeared. Galina was upset when Alexey told her what he would tell her if they had children together. So that they can become a complete family, and partly dispel the sadness in her with the loss that has just happened. And this is also how their lovely daughter Kleopatra was born on January 9, 2015, weighing 2.9 kg and 49 cm long. As long as the love is big enough and the respect comes from them, nothing is impossible compared to her age when she is too old. Despite her advanced age, fortunately, she and her daughter were healthy throughout the pregnancy, and reached the destination safely.

Currently, the girl is 7 years old and completely healthy, no different physiologically and intellectually compared to her peers. She went to kindergarten, was able to read and loved dancing, that’s why her parents enrolled her in a dance school.