Birth Of A White Child By A Black Nigerian Couple


A white, blonde kid with blue eyes was born to a black, Nigerian couple named Ben and Angela Ihegboro who reside in the UK. They refer to this child as a “wonder baby.” After having two kids and residing in England for some time, Ben and Angela made the decision to become parents to a third child. Nonetheless, both parents and medical staff were taken aback by the baby’s birth! It’s so uncommon that it’s nearly unheard of. There’s a myth that says if you spend too much time away from a place, it’s possible that your unborn child may have the same skin tone as your neighbors.

Although it’s uncommon, it does occasionally happen, which gave evolutionists additional reason to firmly believe in their theory. We still don’t fully understand so many mysteries about this life. The couple, who hails from Woolwich in south London, also has two other kids: Chisom, age 4, and Dumebi, age 2. The third child of the marriage, Nmanchi, is unique from the first two. The pair simply remained there after giving delivery and stared at their daughter, unable to say anything, Ben, 44, a customer service specialist for the rail business, claimed in an article in the Sun of London.

She was born at Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup, Kent. And given the name Nmachi by his parents, the name means “Beauty of God” in Nigerian parlance. Angela, 35, claims that Nmachi’s color doesn’t matter. “A baby is a miracle baby”.

Prof. Bryan Sykes, head of human genetics at Oxford University and the foremost expert in Britain, however, classified the birth as “extraordinary.” He asserts that children of mixed-race individuals may have lighter skin tones, which occasionally can be noticeably different from the parents’ complexion. Where there is significant genetic mixing, like with groups from the Afro-Caribbean region, this may be the case. Nonetheless, there is hardly much mingling in Nigeria. The little girl is now almost ten years old. She is in perfect health, and her growth is the same as that of her peers. The girl’s facial features remarkably mirror those of her father. Also, the baby’s genetic alteration is a miracle.