What will happen if you eat two to three bananas every day


You should go bananas with bananas

The banana is a fruit present during all seasons of the year. We can even say that it is a faithful friend when we crave fruit, but we do not know which seasonal fruit can be interesting. But is it good for your health to eat bananas every day? Bananas, should they be part of the healthy diet to follow? Here’s what will happen if you eat two to three bananas every day.


You will gain energy

Bananas are hyper-energetic fruit. According to studies, this fruit provides the same amounts of energy as energy drinks. The only thing that differentiates it from the latter is that it is also rich in nutrients and therefore, good for your health. If you’re an athlete, consuming two to three bananas every day should help prevent muscle cramps. In addition, because it is rich in potassium, it will help you recover quickly.

You will have better digestive health

You should also know that bananas are very high in fiber. In this sense, if you consume two to three per day, it will help regulate your digestion rate. Along with this, bananas also increase the feeling of fullness. You will therefore avoid snacking between each meal if you consume two to three bananas per day. Finally, with the right amount of bananas, goodbye to constipation problems!

You will lose weight

If you are on a slimming diet, bananas can be a great ally. Indeed, bananas are also rich in pectin: responsible for eliminating toxins from our body. If you eat two to three bananas a day, then you can limit the amount of fat absorbed by your cells. Which can go a long way in helping you lose weight. However, to benefit from this virtue, you must adopt an adequate diet.

You will have better cardiovascular health

Foods high in fiber are also good for the heart. Also, potassium helps maintain blood pressure. However, bananas contain both fiber and potassium. Consuming two to three per day can then regulate blood pressure and protect against various cardiovascular diseases such as aneurysm ruptures or heart attacks.

You will be in a better mood

Eating two to three bananas a day will keep you in a good mood. In fact, bananas are high in magnesium. However, the latter is an essential mineral to fight against anxiety, stress and to boost morale. So, if you’re feeling a little bluesy or feeling down, eat a banana. In addition, it also contributes to a good night’s sleep. Who would have thought that this twenty milligram fruit could be so life changing?