When Can Your Baby Hear In The Womb?


You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that your little one who lives in your womb right now could probably be listening to everything that is happening around you. Turns out these sneaky little fetuses are capable of listening to and even identifying different sounds around them.

Fetal milestones are always fascinating even if you know exactly what to expect and when to expect them. Did you know that even still inside the womb, your baby can understand music, can sense your anger, and can form a sound relationship with you? Do you want to know when it starts and how they acquire these senses?

Every new mother seeks to communicate with her unborn child. Be at ease; everything will be alright. It is recommended. When you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy, your baby begins to develop the ability to recognize various noises in their environment.

Why do babies have the ability to listen to sounds in the womb?

The simple answer is evolution. They will be inundated with a variety of noises and sounds as soon as they step out into the world. There is no telling what the infant will have to listen to outside, from noisy squeaks to shrieking shrieks. The sense of hearing is formed in the womb to protect the baby from being overpowered.

There is another good reason why babies can hear when they are in the womb. They pick up on the sound of their mother’s voice and become receptive to it. Babies have and require this as a crucial survival advantage after they are born. It will also strengthen your relationship with them if they become accustomed to the noises of their parents.

When do babies start to hear in the womb?

Around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears their very first sounds. By 24 weeks, those little ears are rapidly developing. Your baby’s sensitivity to sound will improve even more as the weeks pass.

Around this time in your pregnancy, your baby can only hear a few noises that you might not even be aware of. They are your body’s sounds. You can hear your heartbeat, the air leaving and entering your lungs, your stomach grumbling, and even the sound of blood flowing through the umbilical chord.

When can your baby hear “you”?

From the time that they start hearing sounds, they hear you. It is quite simple. Your child is completely familiar with all of your sounds. They can recognize your voice and tell it apart from others since it is the one that is the clearest to them. This is obvious when the kid is born and they react to your voice far better than they do to other people speaking.

Mothers’ partners should spend more time conversing with the womb rather than obsessing over how absurd it appears. Although it is unlikely that your infant would understand a word you say, they will be able to detect and learn your voice.

Will loud sounds scare the baby in the womb?

You don’t have to worry about loud sounds scaring your baby in the womb. Enjoy both the baby shower and the concert, please. Your baby is suspended in amniotic fluid, so loud noises cannot reach them. When sound enters the womb and is absorbed by the amniotic fluid, it is substantially attenuated.

That being said, some babies have a chance of developing certain hearing defects if they are exposed to prolonged loud noises throughout the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t listen to loud music for more than eight hours. It is advisable to keep the maximum noise levels between 80 and 85 dB. If it’s not possible to prevent it entirely, the duration of any noise that is greater than this, such as 100 dB, must not exceed one hour.


You can spend time chatting to, singing to, and reading to your baby now that you are aware that they can hear you and even recognize your voice. The more they listen to you, the better for both of you