Toddler born with no arms or knees hopes to take his first steps after pioneering surgery


Christina, 42, said: “Nicholas completely lost his arms and legs and didn’t extend, they were locked in one position because he didn’t have a knee joint. Nicholas Arredondo, from Dallas in Texas, ant is expected to undergo two surgeries that could cost a total of $60,000 in August. Parents of two children, Christina and Cristopher Arredondo, have tirelessly saved and raised funds to pay for the procedure, which she says will not pay off. They hope to help their son have the same opportunity as other children.

Due to a rare genetic disease, Nicholas’s bones don’t often develop normally or at all throughout pregnancy. Nicholas was born with a birth defect that leaves him without any arm bones and with a hand that is directly attached to his torso. This defect occurs in less than 1 in 10,000 births.

His sole chance of being able to walk is due to a ground-breaking procedure in Florida that is scheduled for August of this year. During this procedure, physicians will construct an artificial knee joint for him. He also lacks a knee joint. that. However, the operation will require two major surgeries, each of which is expected to cost between $20,000 and $30,000; mother-of-two Christina is requesting assistance with this medical expenditure.

When he was born, we definitely went through a grieving process and learned that you can’t just assume life is going to be a certain way. I suppose I had to completely redesign my idea of what motherhood would be like after Nicholas.

It would be a dream for us to see him take his first steps. Nicholas was born in October 2017 with a condition known as Radial Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TAR), which is characterized by the absence of bones, usually several, in the baby’s arm. Before Nicholas was born, Christina claimed that neither she nor the IT administrator, Christoper, 49, had ever heard of TAR. They were aware that he would experience issues with his limbs, but they were unsure of how severe those issues would be.

Christina said: “Before he was born, we didn’t know what he looked like, but we had time to prepare for when he arrived.

Christina and Christopher had to adjust their family home, where they live with their eldest son, three-year-old Nathan, to meet Nicholas’s complex needs. In addition to learning how to shuffle and feed himself, Nicolas also has a touchscreen tablet that allows him to play and watch TV.

Christina and Christoper will travel to Florida in mid-July for the first of Nicholas’ two major surgeries on August 4. The first will see doctors insert metal rods into Nicholas’ leg. from hip to ankle before a second procedure was performed to build an artificial knee joint for him.

Hopefully the life-changing surgery will allow Nicholas to walk unaided and have his first steed.