This Baby Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark


Popularly know as “Love Baby”, Cinar Engin is a baby from Turkey, who was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. He quickly became the buzz of the nursery, and several hospital employees asked Cinar’s parents for permission to take a selfie with the endearing newborn.

If Harry Potter is known for this lightning bolt–shaped scar, then this baby will forever be remembered for the strategically placed heart on his forehead.

The happy father of Cinar Murat Engin said that after nurse cleaned the blood on his baby’s forehead he was the first one to see the birthmark. “I was really surprised. When I came to close his head and realised that it was an amazing heart. It was difficult for me to keep my tears.”

It was almost as if little Cinar was thanking his loving parents for bringing him to the world. Several hospital staff members requested Cinar’s parents for permission to take a selfie with the adorable newborn, who instantly became the talk of the nursery.

The child’s parents admit to having had difficulty simply walking down the street with their little son, due to the number of people who wanted to stop to look more closely at the birthmark.

Murat also told that nurses nicknamed him the “love baby”.  “When we walk around, all people smile us and love him.”

Doctors reiterate that birthmarks can regress spontaneously during childhood. It is possible, therefore, that sooner or later the love baby will see his “heart” fade away!

However, even if the birthmark disappears from Çinar’s face, he will still remain an adorable and loving child!

Murat added this sweet message for his son: “It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings. We believe that he was born with his chance.”

His heart birthmark is melting real hearts everywhere – and is making us wonder if everyone’s favorite love cherub isn’t real after all. It’s impossible not to sense the affection while gazing at Inar’s portrait. Maybe it’s a birthmark. Maybe it’s the mark of Cupid. I guess we’ll never really know.