‘Praise’ For The Maternal Love Of A Woman In Her 50s Who Gave Birth To A Granddaughter For Her Daughter


Briar Juliette Lockwood, Julie Loving’s niece, was born earlier in an Illinois hospital, and she gave birth to her at the age of 51. She is a surrogate for Dela Breanna, her 29-year-old daughter. Breanna said as much in an interview with “Good Morning America” on the television program. She claims that while she watched her mother go through everything she had done and was still doing for her, “all the emotions hit me in an instant.” Soon after getting married in 2016, Briar Juliette’s parents began attempting to conceive. But when things got tough, they turned to a therapist for support. In 2018, a reproductive specialist in the state named Dr. Brian Kaplan recommended that the couple look for a relative or friend as a surrogate who would be willing to give birth.

Breanna paid attention to suggestions from experts but didn’t know how to get help until her mother proactively offered to adopt her grandchild. Breanna stated: “My mother came along with me (to an appointment) and she expressed a desire for a child. “I saw that (the doctor) was really starting to consider that possibility when he first met her, but he didn’t tell us that right away. Briar Juliette gives birth by cesarean section ten days earlier than intended, but there are still many challenges to be overcome. The family informed ABC that the treatment was performed as an emergency owing to complications with the umbilical chord.

Breanna also recalled that the day was quite emotional, many tears and moments of happiness. Aside from that, of course, some chapters were scary, but those were soon broken by the medical team.

Julie, the grandmother of the young girl, claimed she never gave up hope that everything would turn out good. She mentioned Breanna and her 27-year-old son, adding that she has completed numerous triathlons and ran 19 marathons. She also mentioned that she has been healthy her entire life.

In February, an embryo transfer is performed that enables Breanna and Aaron to be Briar Juliette’s biological parents and Julie to father the granddaughter. Julie undertook a series of examinations and meetings with five professionals, including a senior obstetrician and a psychotherapist, prior to the successful procedure being carried out. The pregnancy was confirmed in March, a week or so before the US went under lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Breanna emphasizes that conflict inbertility is the hardest thing she’s ever had to go through.

“When you have a plan for life and then something like inbertility gets in the way, I feel like I can no longer see what I imagined, that it could be taken away from me.” She emphasized being with her mother at all stages of the pregnancy, including the c-section, which also includes the presence of the baby’s father.

“It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re experiencing inbertility,” she said. But while you keep telling yourself that there are ways to be a mother, it’s not just about being pregnant. There are many ways to be a parent, whichever you choose.”