Mom Wanted To Try For One More Baby And Surprise Gave Birth To Four Which Has The Odds Of 1 In 15 Million


When physicians confirmed that Madison Collier, 33, of Georgia, was actually expecting an ultrasound at 4–9 weeks, it was the best news of her life. Doctors informed the couple that their children were highly rare because each one was conceived from a different egg. Each person has their own amniotic sac and placenta. There is a startling 15 million to one chance that it will occur. She and her husband Justin longed for a younger sister for their 4-year-old daughter Isla. To make their family of four, they have begun trying to conceive once more. “Justin wasn’t there since I went to the ultrasound alone,” she claimed.

I was so anxious that I believed I was about to give birth when I learned I was expecting not one, but four children. The nurse continued fanning me, but I was unable to take it all in since the room was spinning. I didn’t invite Justin to go along because I wasn’t anticipating anything. The sonographer repeatedly passed the scanner over my stomach while gazing at the screen. She didn’t look at me or smile as I kept checking to see if everything was alright as I started to freak out. She then asked me if I was using any reproductive medications, according to Collier. We just tried to work through it for a few months after I told her I wasn’t get pregnant. I thought it might be twins, and I panicked and asked her if it was. She said no…then turned to me and said there were four kids in there. I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

I told her it wasn’t fun at all since I believed she was kidding. But after that, she presented it to me while turning the screen around. Four flashing heartbeats could be seen on the screen. There are definitely four children present. They advised me to phone Justin, so I did so while trembling as I entered his number. He responded, and I was sobbing so hard that he hardly got what I was saying. He was so startled that he had to lie down after feeling ill and dizzy. In neither of our families, there are any multiples. At first, neither did our family, who didn’t trust us. We told our parents the news when we returned home from the hospital. For Justin to send his mother a CT scan to show her that he wasn’t joking and that it was true. We were actually pregnant with four kids.”

The four members of the group were born in September, and Calloway is 2Ib5, Wilder is 2Ib9, and Iris and Eliza are 2Ib10. Isla is overjoyed to meet her siblings, according to Collier. She has two sisters and two brothers to play with instead of just one. On the moon, she was. When we told her that I was expecting four children, she was ecstatic. She always rubs my growing belly while telling me how excited she is to meet all of them. We couldn’t believe it because they were all so tiny when they were born, but they all did so well in the hospital. It seemed unimaginable that they were actually born safely when we saw them in the incubator since they were so tiny. It’s wonderful that we can finally bring them all home in November.”

Raising four kids is no easy feat. It’s like riding a roller coaster. She said: “We had to turn our living room into a nursery, and we were also given a van so we could take them around. Life is just one big round of feeding, dressing and sleeping. Our lives were turned upside down, suddenly becoming a family of seven. That is hard work. It’s exhausting but I absolutely love being a mom of five. It was not what we had planned at all. But we will not change it for the world. They really are our little miracles.”