Miracle Twins Born With Different Coloured Skin Thanks To One-In-A-Million Scientific Quirk


Jaziyah was born with fair complexion and straight hair due to an aberrant gene, but Naylah has a darker hair color and curlier hair. According to Kayleigh, 32, “That was a surprise.” My mother is British, my father is Nigerian, and I am a mixed race person, but I never imagined that the twins would have distinct skin tones.” Kayleigh and Jordan King, a scaffolder, didn’t notice the difference following a protracted labor until the next day at Homerton University Hospital. “I went into labor for hours and almost needed an emergency cesarean surgery,” she said.

“So when they were born, I gave them a big embrace and promptly dozed off. Both Jordan and I were worn out. The following day, when we noticed how different they appeared, it was shocking. Jordan and I exchanged glances that said, “Wait a second. We never even considered that one of the twins would look like me and the other would look like him when we found out we were having them. Even the midwifery department nurses whisper to them, telling them they are unique since they have never witnessed anything like it.

Kayleigh, though, noticed similarities between the infants. “Friends, family, and strangers tell me they look like chalk and cheese, but I’m their mother,” she added. I can spot the little things.

They both have the same face shape and chocolate brown eyes. It will be interesting to watch whether they diverge more or more as they mature. While they are only four months old, it is amazing that they have completely distinct personalities. Naylah is a little noisier than Jaziyah, who is quite calm and collected.

From a previous relationship, Kayleigh of Hackney, East London, has four other children who are now ages 6, 7, 13, and 15. She stated they all adore her new sibling and sister. It’s a crowded house right now, but they’re all quite excited about the two little ones, she continued. The twins are in great hands with my oldest son Kamil and daughter Ayla, who also constantly assist me. my middle, too children, Kaleem and Amara, really enjoy playing with them.

“The twins never lacked attention and never got bored when there were so many people around to play with and help take care of them.”

The mother also spoke of her relief to have their father, Jordan, now her ex-husband, with her in the hospital.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about mothers giving birth by themselves during the pandemic and I’m really worried about that,” she said.

“But fortunately I had Jordan by my side to support me during that time.”