‘Miracle’ Baby Born 17 Weeks Premature Weighed Same Amount As A Tin Of Beans


When Bonnie Elizabeth Morgans was born on September 20, 2021, she was 17 weeks early and weighed a startling 1 lb 7 oz. Being the youngest fetus to survive in New Zealand, Bonnie’s mother, 33-year-old Rachel Morgans, claimed that her daughter set a new record. 23 weeks and 1 day at Crewe’s Leighton Hospital. According to Rachel, Bonnie’s abortion occurred at Leighton Hospital when she was 24 weeks along, making her a late miscarriage. Nevertheless, after showing “signs of life,” physicians decided to give Bonnie a shot. Fortunately, Bonnie returned home for the first time on January 20. Her mother shared her story with CheshireLive. “In May 2021, I discovered I was pregnant because I believed I had appendicitis but I never did,” stated Rachel.

The issue is that Bonnie is a twin, and I miscarried the other child. They essentially believed Bonnie might have been pregnant because she was suspected of having an ectopic pregnancy. They determined after a few ultrasounds that Bonnie may be pregnant, so we entered. We had a really difficult pregnancy. We had severe bleeding. … other things, primarily miscarriages, occurred. Eventually, after about an hour of labor, Bonnie was born on September 20 at 11:15. Bonnie would have been considered a late miscarriage at Leighton Hospital because the time restriction was 24 weeks, but the doctors present that day and the midwife, from whom Bonnie obtained her middle name, opted to give Bonnie a healthy baby instead a chance, if she showed signs of life, they would give her a chance.

“Bonnie left and sobbed. They pushed her because they thought she was fighting for her life because she was crying, and today she is still alive. After seeing Bonnie sob with relief, Rachel and her husband Adam Morgans, according to Rachel, began to worry about the baby’s future. She remarked, “Honestly, I just assumed she wouldn’t make it. My oldest sibling, who was also born prematurely at 33 weeks, and I believe it was already awful enough then. 33 weeks later, the baby was delivered. Hence, my husband and I just thought that she wouldn’t survive and would be born in the womb when labor started.

Although it was a relief when she started crying, we now had additional issues to contend with. Alright, so what does this kind of feeling indicate. Bonnie enjoyed herself. Even though it was unpleasant, Bonnie had to be moved to Arrowe Park Hospital because Leighton Medical Center was unable to care for the baby while Bonnie was pregnant. This required a “tertiary care unit.” She must therefore visit Arrowe Park. She endured two cardiac arrests and underwent surgery at Liverpool Women’s Hospital for retinopathy of pregnancy (ROP), which is basically a condition where the oxygen she needed to survive caused damage to the blood vessels in her eyes. They have managed to keep her alive to this day. She so had to have laser eye surgery. You can name it, this kid has suffered from it. She had a job.

Bonnie went home on Thursday night (January 20) for the first time since giving birth in September. Bonnie’s two siblings, 11-year-old Imogen and 2-year-old Ralph, were delighted to welcome their little sister home. Rachel added: “They were pretty shocked because we didn’t tell them we were going to bring Bonnie home. We just pretended we had a meeting at the hospital and we just got home with her.

“I think people were just a bit shocked. Ralph was super excited. He wanted to help with everything. I think for Imogen, because of her age, she’s aware of what happened during our time. I’m at Arrowe Park and everything, so for her it’s a relief that it’s over and we can all get back together now because as of September we’ve all been not a family anymore.”