Jasleen Baby Girl Born Weighing 13.47 Pound In Germany


It is a fact that everyone knows that when the pregnancy is too big, it will be very difficult for the mother to give birth to a child. So when doctors advise mothers, not to give birth naturally when the fetus is too big, but too large, they should choose the method of cesarean section, which will be safe for both mother and baby.

However, worth mentioning here is a birth in Germany, where a mother gave birth to a giant baby, weighing 13.47 pounds. What is surprising here is that this mother gave birth naturally, not using a cesarean section. To give you some perspective, the average weight of a newborn is about 7.8 pounds. Maria’s belly is big and she even has to walk because of its weight. Talk about creating a grand entrance.

Daughter Jasleen was born at University Hospital last week, weighing in at 13.47 pounds and measuring 22.6 inches long. The size is the same as a baby over 1 year old. Her mother, Maria, is said to have developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. As a result, Jasleen’s weight and size are larger than the average for newborn babies.

Little Jasleen was born on July 26, normally babies born as large as her are usually delivered by cesarean section. But Jasleen was different, she was born naturally by her mother. Doctors learned her mother had gestational diabetes, which developed when she was 24 weeks pregnant. But not because of that, she did not develop well and lacked quality, on the contrary, she was very healthy with a huge weight.

Despite being born with a large weight, the baby still has not been able to go home, and is being kept to monitor whether the health situation has changed. It is known that the mother and aunt are both healthy and developing well. When she gave birth to Jasleen, her mother knew she was a bit disappointed by the size, it was too big. Her 11-year-old daughter weighs a third of her weight, my two-year-old son is a little shorter. This pregnancy I saw my body develop differently from the previous two times, but I didn’t expect her to have such a huge weight. I was shocked and surprised, but nonetheless I am very happy that my baby was born safe and healthy.

Jasleen is Germany’s heaviest, ʙᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ a 13lb boy called Jihad born in November 2011, but is 10lb lighter than the world record.