Gorgeous Baby Girl Names That Mean “Strong”


Nothing is more delightful than holding your newborn daughter for the first time and having already decided on her name. But such situation hardly ever occurs! The majority of parents struggle to choose a name, or they may have chosen one only to discover that it is inappropriate for their child. The good news is that you shouldn’t panic. There may be a name on this list that’s ideal for your princess! Many different things might serve as inspiration for girl names. Names of relatives and close friends that you would like your child to emulate, as well as nature, the cosmos, flowers, and beauty. However, names that imply strength and power are one that is quickly gaining popularity.


Briana is a beautiful name that is becoming popular once again. The name Briana has Celtic origins and means “strength”. It is the female equivalent of the name Brian. If you want a somewhat mystical, ancient name that sounds powerful and strong, you can’t go wrong with Briana!


This name is really lovely! This name is fascinating and unusual. Latin roots can be found in the name Valeria, which has French origins. The name Valeria is translated to mean “to be healthy” and “to be powerful.” What a sweet nickname, Val, which is frequently used!


Have you heard a lovelier name? From the year 1900 to 1930, this name was popular and was in every top 20 names list during the 3 decades. And we can see why it had such a stronghold. The name means gentle strength or mild strength. Most people know it’s short form Millie, which is a popular name to this day. If you’d like a name that conveys grace, strength and gentleness, this is our top pick!


Speaking of Goddesses, we couldn’t include the name of the Greek Goddess of War and Strategy in our list of names that denote strength. She is also referred to as the Goddess of Wisdom, and her name is a symbol of power. One of the most important figures in Greek mythology is Athena. She inspired the naming of the city Athens. She is admired and renowned for being strong, powerful, and incredibly intelligent. In addition, Athena is such a distinctive name for your child. Would you prefer to give your child the name of this deity?


This incredibly beautiful sounding name has originated from the Arabic language. It is the female version of the name Aziz which is pretty common. The name Aziza is thought to mean “powerful” or “beloved”. If you’d like to name your beloved after a sweet sounding name that means strength, this is the name for you.


This name is lovely and captivating, with intriguing origins. The word Irie is derived from the Lyaric dialect of Jamaican Creole. It is used to describe a “strong feeling” that is positive and regarded as beneficial in the culture. It can also be used to predict that something positive will soon occur.