Baby Girl Born With Rare Condition That Causes Dark Spots All Over Her Body


Happy and healthy baby Jireh was born to mum Toneka and dad Justin Robinson, 32 and 34, from Dallas, US, in June 2021 with dark spots all over her body. The problem is just superficial and not harmful in and of itself, but it does increase the chance of skin cancer, according to the doctors, who reassured the family.

This beautiful baby girl was born with a unique condition that has caused dark spots all over her body. Before the birth of their daughter Jireh, entrepreneur Justin Robinson, 34, and quality analyst Toneka Rogers Robinson, 32, from Dallas, Texas, had been married for 17 years. The couple had met in high school.

Throughout her pregnancy, Toneka went to regular appointments with her doctor and carried out several tests to ensure that everything went smoothly. Jireh was born in June 2021, a happy and healthy baby, but the couple were initially concerned as Jireh was born with dark spots all over her skin.

Their doctors quickly reassured Toneka and Justin that the marks were only superficial Jireh was perfectly healthy.

Jireh was diagnosed with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN) visible pigmented (melanocytic) proliferations in the skin that are present at birth. The disorder, which is not inherited, is brought on by improper pigment cell formation during the first trimester of pregnancy. throughout 1% of newborns throughout the world have this problem. This condition carries a higher risk of melanoma.

The couple loves being able to show the world their beautiful child and are excited that Jireh will grow up in a world that is becoming more accepting of differences.