A Young Mother Stunned Everyone Because Of The Size Of Her Enormous Twin Babies


Young mother’s massive 7-month-old twins, who are three times heavier than they were at birth, stunned her Tiktok fans. Alexis Larue, 22, from Minnesota, USA, is shocked by how quickly her twin girls, Camila and Elena, who each weigh 21 lbs, are growing up. To demonstrate that her children were actually as big as they appeared, the mother had to share a video of her repeatedly measuring them; she did not alter the footage in any way. Therefore, it makes for a rather amusing picture when Alexis, who is just 5’3″ tall and weighs 116.4 lbs, holds both of her babies at the same time.

Alexis frequently uploads movies where she contrasts her size with that of infants. On the platform, she has amassed more than 24 million video likes and more than 700,000 followers. Her extreme size disparity from her children may be seen in the majority of her films. The mother had been 108 lbs. before becoming pregnant, but by the 38th week, she had increased to 180 lbs. In March, she gave birth to a girl named Camila, who arrived at 9:22 a.m. and weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz., and Elena, who arrived at 6 lbs. 7 oz. They had tripled in size, weighing about 21 pounds apiece, at the age of roughly seven months.

The mother added: “It is extremely common for babies to weigh 5 kg or less. I bought clothes for the twins before because I thought they were quite small. However, with a total weight of almost 13 lbs, these girls entered the infancy stage and have grown rapidly since then.”

Camila and Elena are just beginning to move to solid foods, currently consuming 6 ounces of newborn formula every few hours. Leo’s father is 5’11”, thus the twins’ sudden increase to 2’5′ after less than six months shocked the family.

According to Alexis, “both are at the top of the weight-to-height ratio.” They grow so quickly that I find myself having to buy them new clothes very frequently. They can put on everything from 12-month to 18-month clothing at seven months. While she was bored at home soon after the twins were born, Alexis began filming them for her TikTok account. The couple had no idea, though, how much attention the films would garner. One observer who couldn’t believe it said, “Those are eight-year-olds.” Another said: “If they stood on top of each other, they would be taller than you.”

“Those are eight-year-olds,” a skeptic viewer remarked. Another person remarked: “They would be taller than you if they were standing on top of each other.”

Additionally, there have been claims that Alexis manipulates her footage or applies filters to make the females appear larger, but she insists that this is untrue.

It’s really impossible to overfeed kids, she added, despite the frequent claims that she does so. Their pediatrician is unconcerned about their size because they are just very quick grownups.

Every baby is different, and if there’s one thing I want everyone to keep in mind, it’s that. Mine just grew so quickly; they all grow at various speeds. They have a lot of personality and are in excellent health.