A Mother-Of-Two Claims People Don’t Believe Her When She Says Her Children Are Twins – Even Though They Were Born Two Years Apart


The same batch of embryos from their parents, Rachel and Mac, were used for in vitro fertilization to create Jorgey McCarthy, 4, and Vinney McCarthy, 2. This officially makes the two brothers (not identical) twins despite the two-year age difference. The couple’s best hope of becoming pregnant after Mac had a vasectomy years earlier was IVF, but they were informed that they couldn’t get it through the NHS. Mac already has two daughters from a prior relationship, which is why. The Peterborough couple saved money for private IVF procedures abroad because they were so keen to start a family.

We thought IVF was the only way we could have children because Mac’s vasectomy had failed, Rachel explained. The pair fainted after the first two unsuccessful treatments after flying to Spain for treatment that may last up to a month. But, their luck changed after 18 months when the third round was successful, resulting in the development of 4 embryos.

The procedure cost the pair a staggering £10,000 in total. Two embryos would be transferred, while the remaining two would be frozen. According to Rachel, I was expecting twins from the initial delivery, but an ultrasound at 12 weeks revealed Jorgey was the sole survivor.

It’s been challenging because I want to be joyful and glad that one baby is alive, but I’m also really sad that the other one is not, and I feel guilty for being joyful. The couple concluded that the final two embryos were their final chance to try to conceive since they were feeling apprehensive and afraid following the loss of Jorgey’s twin.

Similar circumstances followed the transfer of both embryos, and they also miscarried Vinney’s twin. When their son Vinney was born in June 2019, they were ecstatic. When Vinney was born, Jorgey and Vinney have been inseparable, and Rachel claims that she has hardly noticed their age differences. She claims that they have a similar intuition. Two years is a really long time, the mother of two said. Big gap when they’re young so people don’t believe me when I say they’re twins.