45-Year-Old Woman Who Gave Birth To Triplets Is Also Their Grandmother


Angela Riello yearns to start a family once more. When Angela is 40 years old, her two children, Mayara and Gustavo, who were raised by a single mother, have grown up, but she is still actively involved in rearing infants and toddlers. She gave birth to her son at the age of 18, nurtured him as her own child full-time, and allowed Mayara to pursue her profession. When Noah started asking for a baby, Angela made the decision to become pregnant once more.

Angela Riello, who was 45 at the time, used IVF to conceive triplets and reclaim her motherhood. The children are born after the mother receives the uterus from Angela’s daughter Mayara, making Angela the grandmother of the recipients. It was like a dream come true, she said.

But without a partner and at her age, it’s easier said than done to be able to have children again. She spent more than a hundred thousand pounds on IVF treatments to get pregnant, the treatment was successful but after a few weeks it also failed and no more.

“I believed I would never have children again. Noah was thrilled when I told him I was trying for a baby. He was horrified when I had to tell him I was pregnant. I truly wanted to give him a baby, and I really wanted it to work,” Angela Riello told The Sun.

Finally, Mayara, Angela’s kid, was saved. As it turns out, during this time, the laws in Brazil, where Mayara’s father resided, changed to permit contact between a mother and daughter. With assistance from a stranger, Mayara was able to give her mother hers, who was subsequently. Angela is really happy because she is not only pregnant but also unafraid.

After going to the doctor, the surprise she received was not one baby, but three babies. Angela said: “I couldn’t believe what I heard and continued, ‘I was pregnant and bringing my own grandchild – and three kids! ”

Even though their relationship is complicated—Mayara is both the children’s real mother and their sibling, Noah has siblings, aunts, and uncles, and Angela is both mother and grandmother—the family only experiences joy when new family members are welcomed. Angela gives birth to three children – Liz, Mia and Vince.

Mayara is aware that the kids are not her biological offspring but rather her siblings. “They are adorable. The kids are similar to me and feel like a part of me, yet I think of them as my siblings.”