Triplets Look Exactly the Same Parents Mᴜst Color-Code Their Children’s Toe Nails To Recognize Them


How do you tell them apart? is a scream that parents frequently hear whenever identical twins or triplets are delivered. One family, however, has devised their own method of ensuring that they can distinguish their triplets from one another by color coding their toenails. Parents are extremely proud of their kids. To distinguish between their two tiny daughters, Karen and Ian Gilbert of Pontypool, South Wales, had to buy vivid nail polish. Paige is wearing purple, Maddison has mint green, and Baby Ffion has fuchsia polish on her toenails.

‘It’s not a fashion statement, but we genuinely struggle to tell them apart,’ mother Karen, 33, said.We came up with the nail polish idea, and it really does work.When it comes to our regular routine of feeding, bathing, and changing diapers, it makes life a lot easier.Knowing who has had what is made easier by the color labelling! ‘The nail polish concept was ours, and it works wonderfully. When it comes to our daily routine of feeding, bathing, and diaper change, it makes life a lot easier. “The color coding helps us to know who has had what!”To make it more meaningful, Karen and Ian, the company’s director, matched the first letter of the baby’s name with the first letter of the nail polish color.

They hope as the little girls get older they will develop individᴜal looks and personalities to help them tell one from another.The triplets were natᴜrally from one egg – defying odds of 160,000-1, according to the Mᴜltiple Births Foᴜndation.

When they were born two months early following an emergency, Ffion weighted 3lbs 8oz, Maddison scaled 3lbs 5oz, and Paige was just 3lb 4oz.The triplets had to complete everything in triplicate during their “f*ck-filled year,” which culminated in their first birthday celebration this past weekend.

More than 120 diapers and 84 bottles of formula milk are consumed each week by the family from Pontypool, South Wales.As their daughters get older, Karen and company director dad Ian hope they will have distinctive features and personality qualities that will make it easier to distinguish between them.

TV prodᴜcers have ᴜsed the triplets to play the same baby on screen becaᴜse their identical looks mean they can be rotated dᴜring filming – to prevent a single baby from getting too tired.

They were all TV stars before they turned one, according to full-time mother Karen of Pontypool, South Wales.They are beautiful young ladies who have already brought joy to three people. The year has been frantic but fun-filled.’Operation Triplets’ is the name of the military operation that is now underway.We cannot simply consider, “Oh, shall we go outside?” At least 24 hours’ notice is required. Every time we leave the house, it feels like we are packing for a vacation.

To assist the family, their neighborhood Morrisons supermarket has ordered a shopping cart with three baby seats.For example, the triplets’ older sister Faye assisted us in painting their toenails.We have triple trouble, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, Mom Karen stated.