The Image Of A Young Father Kneeling To Pray Next To His Child Is Widely Spread, Making Viewers’ Hearts Flutter


Outside his N, a young father is walking down to the hospital nursery and praying to God. Victor Calmon, Ivan’s 33-year-old father, posted the picture on Instagram in June, and it instantly went viral. The images were captured by photographer Jana Brasil Photography soon after the baby was delivered, but because of how they were edited and expanded, they were widely disseminated through a variety of media.

Victor wrote: That moment is not where you are like a pile of bricks and you will tremble because you have decided to be the first child that I missed in his first picture. I expressed my gratitude to God, told my wife that I loved her, and would welcome my baby.

Victor stated, “I situated myself at the heart of a difficult sitting position, you know, and a horror filled me. Everything was within my reach.” Because I have to care for my existence, I no longer worry about myself. I overcome my shame and also wanted to bend over and pray. I implore him to realize my adult wish to be a better father, a better mother, and I will support me in my efforts to mature and take care of my kids.

Victor and his wife Luana are obliged to go through the customary rituals that every marriage performs for their kids as a reward for their accomplishment, i.e., parenthood. No matter how difficult it is, I still assist my wife Laai in the bathroom and get paid after work, Victor remarked. I don’t have any free time. I don’t recall if the happiness Iva had when I came home was worth it. Because I know how difficult it was for my wife and children to come to me. I cherish that, and happy that my wife and children are always healthy. The joy with the new member of the family does not stop there, but it goes on and on for a long time. We will try our best to give you a happy family.