Newborn Baby Girl With A Large Birthmark On Her Face At Birth


When given by God and affectionately called “Mother”, each of us wants the best things, the most quintessential things to our children. Whether the child was born not beautiful, or flawed and defective in many things. But for parents, children are always the most beautiful, always an angel in their eyes.

Having opened up about her child’s existence with the issue, a mother whose daughter was born with a massive red birthmark covering the left side of her face is determined to give her child the self-assurance she needs to avoid cruel comments from strangers.

The baby’s mother Amanda Leupenberg, 34, of Chicago, Illinois, and her husband, former soldier Chris Leupenberg, 33.  Amanda Leupenberg and her husband currently have a 4-month-old baby girl, unfortunately when she was born, she had a red birthmark near half of her face and swollen eyes on her left side.

Amanda said the first weeks of Ever’s life were frightening. Doctors told her about the most serious cases of Struge-Weber, which include paralysis and strokes.

A expert reassured Ever’s parents, telling them not to worry unless Ever starts to exhibit more signs of the disease in addition to her distinctive marking.

Amanda said: ‘When she was born and they gave her to me, I could see her eyes were really swollen, it looked like they were going to pop out. She has bruises all over her eyes.”

The doctors at the hospital where Ever was seen said she had Sturge-Weber syndrome. And have informed my parents about the circumstances that will arise around my growth and development. They have been consulted by doctors to make their mind more secure.

Amanda, a mother of seven, says her children are Kaden Salvo, 15, Zachery Salvo, 12, Kyle Salvo, 11, Liam Leupenberg, six, Theodore Leupenberg, three, and stepdaughter Jade Leupenberg, ignores their sister’s birthmark and just sees who she.

They are having a happy family, the children always love each other, even though her daughter has a strange birthmark on her face. They only see Ever because of her beautiful baby.

“I’m not sure what the future holds for Ever but no matter what happens she will always be loved and told how special she is.”